I’m Scared - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared February 12, 2019

lyrics + chords : C
You asked if you could love me, G
I said you can if you want.

But don't be deceived Am
When I fall at your feet F
Oh I'm so done. C
But what if I'm mistaking falling, G
For falling in love ?

You said, just take the leap, Am
You'll be safe next to me F
And I won't let you down. G
But I'm too scared for that

Right now baby Am
Give me some time and I'll come around maybe F C
But in the meantime show me all the love that you've got G
And I'm petrified, can you see it in my eyes Am
What if you're telling me is a whole flower bunch

Full of lies F
Oh god darling, I'm falling C
I've fallen for you G
For you C

You took me to the seaside darling G
You know that's what I like Am
You said it feels so nice seeing the joy in your eyes F
Now look into mine. C
Deep blue eyed baby G
Blue like the sea

You said its your favourite place Am
And my eyes are the same F
So you must love me

And I do really


You whispered F C
It's funny how you don"t see yourself like I do F C
And I don't love myself but you love me don't you ? Dm
I guess i just don't feel like I deserve it F
It doesn't feel real Am
You said it feels like I'm dreaming

Every morning G
That I wake up next to you