I Know It’s Hard - Original Song

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Genre: Music

Family friendly? Yes

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Abbey Glover

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Shared February 13, 2019

lyrics + chords :

Don't stop trying, Am
We're only here for a while G
And so we might as well C G
Make the most of our time here
Don't stop smiling Am
And never stop admiring G
We can see beauty in anything
If we put our minds to it. F Am

I know it's easier said than done C
But we'll walk this road together G
We'll walk this road together F
If it's what you want C
I'll be there for you G
I'll be there for you D
Every single step F
Of this painful road you're walking down

Please stop lying Am
I know you're not alright G C
You can cry, you can scream G
I'm not leaving
I know you don't believe me Am
But just you wait and see G
When this comes to an end C G F
I'll still be here

chorus F
It's weighing you down Am C
Thats a lot of weight to be carrying around G
But give some to me

I'm much stronger than you think