Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 (Full Album)

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Genre: Music

Family friendly? Yes

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Shared June 16, 2013

Full album. Sourced from MP3.

1. Are You Shivering? 0:00
2. Red Birds Will Fly Out Of The East And Destroy Paris In A Night 9:35
3. Red Queen 22:16
4. Broccoli 33:15
5. Strange Birds 42:31
6. The Dreamer is Still Asleep 50:04

John Balance
Peter Christopherson
Drew McDowall

Another limited release, the first of two volumes. Rare, and probably worth a bit more (I don't mean in monetary terms; I mean intrinsic value) than Moon's Milk's bonus disc. You should recognize some of these songs from live Coil performances.

"Broccoli" is one of the few Coil songs Peter sings on. That being said, John does share the vocals with him.

Thighpaulsandra's first appearance on a Coil album.