PUBG Roads, Take Me Home (Parody) Season 5!

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Shared October 31, 2019

There are always many people to thank when making my strange videos, and this entry is no exception. Without help from the following people, as well as their guidance, and precious volunteered gaming time...this ridiculous shiza would not have been possible.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: OutbackJack, Sethmabwa, Lord Gohring II, ColdBloodedCHKN, The Average Sniper, BRANDO831x, MediocreMedic90, RTxCR4BS, and punkaces225.
Another huge THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed and continues to be so supportive of the channel! The insane positivity and support that this community radiates is a major source of good in my day-to-day life! I appreciate you guys more than you may know!

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