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Shared September 23, 2019

Peppa Pig is back. But now with her debut solo Peppa Pig album. Which means Caddy getting angry and meat flying everywhere. Get 65% off the Kove Audio Solitude Noise Canceling Headphones here: Use code ‘caddi70’ for 65% OFF!! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼


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Peppa Pig has returned. It’s gotten so bad to the point that Peppa Pig Caddicarus are 3 words that naturally find themselves fitting together disturbingly often. After the success of Caddy tackling the show of Peppa Pig itself, we’ve since gone through a Peppa Pig Magazine, Peppa Pig DS game from Nintendo, and now we find ourselves at a Peppa Pig album. With music. And singing. Peppa Pig music. Is it as cheap, soulless, cash-grabby and patronising to its target audience as you can imagine? Yes. Is it worse than the show? No, since there isn’t anything going that wrong in the songs themselves. But it’s still bad, and makes you feel like a baby, where listening to the authentic and beautifully arranged and performed Classic Nursery Rhymes VHS from 1982 (and with a shoe-string budget) makes you feel warm and appreciative towards the effort in it. I mean you can argue it’s nostalgia, but I used to think Teletubbies was brilliant when I was much younger, and the fact I was still able to watch Classic Nursery Rhymes and enjoy the cheese no matter how old I got speaks to the quality of the music and the theming of the nursery rhyme movie. This has no lasting appeal. It’s not timeless. It’s Peppa Pig My First Album. And I listened to it ALL just for you. May God have mercy on your souls.

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