"Million reasons" Lady Gaga * Allie Sherlock cover

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Allie Sherlock

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Shared January 10, 2019

Kelsey Barnard Music

Love hearing lady Gaga from you! You offer such a depth in your voice to her amazing songs. I get a similar vibe from you as I do her!

6 days ago | 143

Stuart Murray

This cover really suits your voice so rich

6 days ago | 49

R.P. Rosen

Allie I only need one good reason to LOVE you, but you've given me ... a "Million Reasons".

6 days ago | 77

Snowflake 02

Can you please sing "All of me" or "my heart will go on" (Celine Dion)

6 days ago | 79

Ananya Desai

Turning tables by Adele please!

6 days ago | 41

avi ahmed

I'm going to like my OWN comment because NOBODY else will... :(

6 days ago | 21

stefani Joanne angelina germanotta

I love lady gaga's songs and lady gaga.

6 days ago | 16

Sophie Hoskin

Seriously just...WOW❤️❤️😍😍

6 days ago | 31

Sara Halawa

Please sing bad liar by imagine dragons😍❤

6 days ago | 30

Anakin Thorné

Fell in love with an alien - please :))))

6 days ago | 3


give her milion reasons because she got million subscription

4 days ago | 4


The beautiful thing about your voice is that you don't have that annoying airy style that almost every girl who makes covers on Youtube has.

6 days ago | 12

Aliyah Khan

Can u sing never enough #greatestshowman

6 days ago | 12


Allie you give everyone a million reasons to watch and listen to you, thank you so much for your decision to pursue music. I look forward to listening to you one hundred million times :)

6 days ago | 11

Dex Mall

What is Will ferrel doing in the backround? lol

5 days ago | 2

James Crossblood


6 days ago | 12

Josh Huang

Let me love you Allie 🌹❤️💐💐💐 got talent. The most beautiful voice.

6 days ago | 6

Rainier Lim

The most perfect voice ever allie

6 days ago | 12

James Crossblood


6 days ago | 6

jack Cannon

Please sing lost without you by freya ridings or be alright by dean lewis thanks brilliant cover as always

6 days ago | 2