Marty Unlocking Method 1

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Clay McElveen

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Shared April 1, 2007

The original method and intended method used for unlocking the only known Mario Kart 64 secret character.

How to unlock the mk64 secret character:

Many rumored that Magikoopa could be unlocked. We have found no such way so far, but we did find this! His name is known throughout the MK64 community, but only an elite few have managed to unlock him to this date. Meet Marty. Rumored to be only a myth by skeptics who dont play at our level, yet several people here have already unlocked him! Think you are good at mk64? Wanna be respected as one of the MK64 Elite by the folks at who defined the standards of time trial racing? Then prove your worth, unlock the only known secret character to this date!
- the following steps need to be done in time trial mode
1. Select bowser as your karter (needed for the unlock to work)
2. Circle bowser statue counter-clockwise 3 times
3. Drive the course backwards.
-method 1(used here): 3 shroom up the stairs
-method 2: Hit the glitch spot
4. Circle the bowsers castle statue clockwise three times
5. Drive into the room where Marty is locked up and wait for the bars to rise
6. Celebrate intensely
7. If you manage to unlock this legendary character, or want more help with the strat, join the folks at if you havent already as you would be a very valuable part of our community.