Dune: The Scattering & Leto's 'Great Enemy'

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Shared January 16, 2019

Leto Atreides the Second, known to the universe as The God Emperor, ruled over all of mankind from 10205 AG to 13724 AG. Throughout his 3,000 year rule, Leto had oppressed mankind. In his totalitarian regime, travel between planets was prohibited for the vast majority of the imperial inhabitants. Throughout the empire, the people lived in similar homes and lived similar lives. There was no progress and people were not free to seek out their own desires as they had once been. They had peace, or at least the sense of it, but no liberty.

When Leto II died so did his empire. Humanity was plunged into the famine times. For so long men had relied upon the God Emperor for all of their needs. In this time the natural resources of many planets were plundered, technologies dismantled and repurposed. The scarcity during these times lead to a lot of human suffering but for the first time in millennia, mankind was free to choose its own destiny. Mankind was also wary of another Emperor such as Leto II the tyrant. As a result of the famine times and the fear of another Tyrant. They looked to the stars, many chose to flee the old Empire into the far reaches of space.

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