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Shared July 25, 2019

since humph! is gaining a lot of popularity i decided to make one of these guides (for 2019)! i wanted to make a shorter one/more recent one so that new fans could quickly learn! (i actually never planned on making one of these, given that there are guides already, but since there hasn't been a new one for a while i decided to do so!)

i know i missed A LOT A LOT but that's why i'm typing longer descriptions here lol (pls read this before u comment that i forgot smth thanku~)

(information i’ve gathered myself from interviews/pentory/etc)

birthdate: august 28, 1993
positon: leader, main vocal
languages: korean, chinese (?)
favorite color: green
skills/hobbies: producing music
personality: passionate, creative

birthdate: april 17, 1992
positon: main vocal
languages: korean, chinese (?), english (?)
skills/hobbies: piano/guitar, singing (high notes)
personality: dedicated, thoughtful

birthdate: april 17, 1994
positon: lead vocal
languages: korean, chinese, english
skills/hobbies: cooking, working out, acting, sleeping
personality: proud, straightforward

birthdate: december 11, 1995
positon: sub vocalist, visual
languages: korean, japanese
favorite food: burgers/mcdonalds
skills/hobbies: modeling, piano, stripping, going to mcdonalds
personality: chaotic, fun-loving

birthdate: march 27, 1996
positon: lead vocal
languages: korean, chinese(?)
favorite color: black
skills/hobbies: guitar, acting, swim, imitations
personality: kind, diligent

birthdate: october 25, 1996
positon: sub vocalist, visual
languages: chinese, korean
favorite food: hot pot
skills/hobbies: can play traditional chinese instrument, drawing, eating
personality: shy, perfectionist

birthdate: january 23, 1998 (the maknae line are born in the same year/month and are 4 days apart)
positon: rapper
languages: japanese, korean
favorite food: noodles
skills/hobbies: baseball (played as a kid), anime
personality: tsundere, hard-working

birthdate: january 27, 1998
positon: main dancer, vocalist
languages: korean, japanese, english
favorite color: purple
favorite food: cupcakes
hobbies: reading, listening to music, producing
personality: emotional, sensitive

birthdate: january 31, 1998
positon: main rapper
languages: korean, japanese
favorite color: red
hobbies: opera
personality: enthusiastic, humorous


pentagon’s albums: “pentagon”, “five senses”, “ceremony”, “demo_01”, “”demo_02”, “positive", "thumbs up", "genie:us", sum(me:r)
pentagon’s japanese releases: “gorilla”, “violet”, “shine”, “cosmo”, “happiness”


since pentagon members are all so close there isn’t a most popular ship!! so ship whatever you want! from my experience as an instagram uni the ships i see most commonly are: huiwon, honggu, yuki, kinan, wooyan, wooyu, jinhui, yanone.
personally i ship & recommend: honggu, yuki, shinyan, wooyan, huiwon and woowon ♡ but ship whatever you want! they all have a lot of content u can’t go wrong!!

i tried to make a list of the links that worked for me when i watched the show! pls keep in mind some of these may not work anymore :( but i hope this works for u !


--yanan was not included in "critical beauty" promotions due to a hand emergency that required treatment/surgery
--yanan was not included in "naughty boy" promotions due to "health problems" likely related to stress (he was busy with a lot of activities beforehand). he was in china until he came back.
--yanan did not take part in "humph!" promotions due to "health problems", again: CUBE being very vague on what the particular health condition it is
--currently yanan is planning not to take part in their world tour prism.
--unis (myself included) are very very worried about yanan's health at the moment. right now he is still in korea with his mother, but it is unclear when he'll return


i didn’t include e’dawn because personally, as a universe myself, it hurts me to see when people discredit the 9 member’s talents and hard work just to focus on the entire scandal. i’ve involved e’dawn in videos in the past but for this one i wanted to focus on the current members.


I do not own Pentagon! (but they own my heart hhh)

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