Parents are stupid. STOP BANNING STUFF.

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Shared September 7, 2019

In the latest news from Stupidville comes this; parents want to ban IT Chapter 2 billboards and posters, because the picture of a scary clown, that isn’t that scary, is too scary. LET’S PLAY CHANNEL = ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼


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This is not an It Chapter 2 review. Nor is it a discussion or reaction after viewing the movie, or a comparison to It 1990. This is me ranting and raving about how awful parents can be when their precious little children get a little spooked by a thing that’s supposed to be spooky. But here’s the kicker - it isn’t even that scary. The billboard in question is very tame, actually, but JUST weird enough to communicate that this is a movie not suitable for children. Why can’t they just close their eyes or look away? I used to get nightmares about Thomas the Tank Engine - didn’t see my parents trying to take it off the air. I’ll be speaking today as a long-time parent figure of 3, and discussing why this level of sensitivity is ultimately dangerous not just for raising a child with unrealistic expectations of the world, but for adults who are uninitiated and could potentially get mentally disturbed by the film they’re about to see. I haven’t seen It Chapter 2 yet but I can’t wait to see it - I thought the original was pretty good, so to see more time and effort put into telling the story of the book properly instead of what Tim Curry and crew did in 1990 is refreshing to see. But yeah, we have to get around these stupid parents banning games/movies/and now POSTERS, apparently.

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