Game of Thrones theory: The Seven Pointed Star

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Shared August 6, 2018

Inspired by GreyArea's video:
My Game of Thrones playlist:
Music: Forest Frolic Loop by Kevin MacLeod



"The Seven (also known as the God of Seven, the Seven-Faced God, or the New Gods) is the deity of the Faith of the Seven, the dominant religion of the Seven Kingdoms.

"Though the Faith teaches that there is a single deity, it has seven 'aspects' or 'faces'. For this reason, the deity is often referred to as the 'Seven-faced God'. In practice, many devotees will refer to the aspects as "Gods" plural, though priests of the Faith will attempt to stress the theological nuance to their followers that there is indeed only one God, the 'Seven-in-One' deity. This has not stopped the commonly heard exclamation "Gods be good!" from being used pervasively throughout the Seven Kingdoms. The Seven are referred to as "the New Gods" or 'New God' to distinguish them from the Old Gods of the Forest worshiped by the First Men." From the Game of Thrones Wikia.