Hringrás (Full Album 2019) - Viking songs of Life and Death

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Shared March 14, 2019

The Hringrás album stands for "cycle" - and portrays the differences between life and death in the Viking age, but also the continuing loop(cycle) of life, death, and rebirth.

"Lifa & Dauðr" - a song on the album is literally portraying this through recorded sounds of living and dead things.

“All sounds and instruments (except a tagelharpa), in the death part of the song, were recorded and made from dead or decayed objects and materials, even real human bones were recorded and used in the recordings. The song is six minutes long and starts with Lifa (life), then slowly moves into the Dauðr (death) part in the middle of the song around the three-minute mark. At that point, all living things are removed and replaced with recordings or sounds of dead objects.”

The song was created in a similar theme and musical notes all the way through, so as not to portray life as ‘happier’ than death, and not to portray death as more ‘unhappy’ than life.

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Song list:
00:00 # Danheim - Vaftrudner
04:13 # Danheim & Gealdýr - Óðinn
09:41 # Danheim - Hringrás
15:04 # Danheim - Lifa & Dauðr
21:14 # Danheim & Gealdýr - Ragnarök
26:20 # Danheim - Hrafnkell
29:19 # Danheim - Norðr
33:41 # Danheim - Jotunheim
37:33 # Danheim - Helgafell
41:02 # Danheim - Danelagen
44:28 # Danheim - Bjarkemål

Sigurbodi: targelharpa on Hrafnkell