10 Celebs Who Look Even Better After Putting On Weight

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Shared June 28, 2018

10 Famous people who gained weight and looked amazing!
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So often we see people on social media trying desperately to lose those last few pounds. But there are some celebrities who simply look better with a little bit of extra weight. After all, the best look on anyone is good health, and skinny doesn’t always equal healthy. Anne Hathaway has both gained and lost weight for movie roles, and is very aware of the public’s perception of both. Hilary Duff grew up in show business, and it took her a long time to focus on her health rather than the numbers on her scale. Some celebrities like LeAnn Rimes and Nicole Richie admit that when they get stressed out they stop eating, and this can have serious health ramifications. Do you think these celebrities look better now that they’ve lost weight? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then hit the subscribe button to get more videos from TheTalko.

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