“Celebrity Twins In Disguise”//gacha life//GLMM

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Shared December 15, 2018

This was 11 mins long so bear with me. It took me over 1 month and a half to make this so hope you enjoy. I’m not sure if I will be uploading any more in 2018. I have to do a lot of things for the holidays so i might not upload so you might have to wait for 2019. I made this especially long to make up for me not posting for a while. Thx to those who are sticking by me through this time. I also may be announcing some stuff on YT so make sure to keep tuning in. Make sure to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE! I would really appreciate if you do. Thx for all the support everyone gives me each and every day! Welp that’s it for now! BYEE!!!