TheMentalist - The problem is you were telling a lie

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Shared January 26, 2012

The Mentalist S04E09 "The Redshirt" Jane gets Anna to say that she still is in love with Doc which helps reunite the two once Doc rushes in to kiss her.
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), Kimball Cho (Tim Kang), Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti), The head of CBI -- Luther Wainwright (Michael Rady), Doc Dugan's Ex-Wife -- Anna Dugan (Ashley Williams), Doc Dugan (Craig Bierko), Steve Penn (John Eric Bentley), Alex Sodko (Christopher Gartin)

Coast is clear. Come on.

Where are we heading?

To solve the case.

Didn't we just do that?

Come on, man.
I'm getting so tired of this.

I just found out my
relationship is a sham

and all my friends
think I'm a punk.

Now you got somebody else who
wants to dump on Doc Dugan, huh?

Truth hurts, I know.

It's biologically-based,

Our brains process sound
faster than they do light,

but light moves faster
than sound, see?

So our brains are
constantly shifting reality

so the world syncs up.

What does that have
to do with anything?

This. Only when someone
is standing 30 yards away

do we see and hear the
world exactly as it is.

That's when your brain,
sound, and light

- are all in perfect harmony.
- So?

The rest of the time, we're
living in a world of lies.

Lies are what make the
world make sense.

Ergo, the truth hurts.

No, no, no, not Anna.
No, no. Nah-nah. No way.

- Have a seat.
- Not again.

I can't.

I know, but... sit.

Hi. My name is Patrick Jane.
I saw your interview

- with agent Lisbon. Interesting stuff.
- Is there a problem?

Yes, there is.

The problem is you
were telling a lie.

Is this about my alibi?
'Cause I can prove

No, nothing to do
with your alibi.

You said you hated
your ex-husband,

but clearly you're still
very much in love with him.

Hey. Here's the file on the
mob bomber, Louie Boom.

Lisbon says give it a read
before we bring him in.


Alex, would you come
with me, please?

We need to go over something
in your statement.

Oh, yeah, sure.

You don't even know me.

Don't have to. I could see
through half an inch of glass.

You're deeply in love with
your dead ex-husband.

What business is it of yours?

Just tell me the truth.

Just say the truth.

Fine. You're right.

I loved him.

Somewhere deep down in him was
the good man I used to know.

It got lost when
he retired, but...

he would have found
his way back.

I know he would have.

And now I'll never
see him again,

and I'll never get to tell him.


Well, that should do it.


- Leave her alone.
- Okay.

- Trevor?
- Annie.

What... what are you...

- They said--I thought...
- A trick.

To catch the killer.
I guess I just blew it.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry about everything.

The guys from Vespers
are downstairs.

- Did he go for it?
- Yep.

Did he go for what?


Doc Dugan is still alive?

Yes... sir.

It was his assistant,
Jake Stewart, that died.

And you chose to hide
this fact from me.

From everyone, for the
sake of the investigation.

A trick.

I wouldn't call it a trick.

Did this work?

It's still in progress.

Okay, well, um...

Let's hope it turns
out positively, huh?

Yes, sir.

Do you think he would mind
if I got an autograph?

Just a...

Yeah. I'll just...
you know, give them a... second.

Good idea, sir.