Alina Engibaryan - The New You (Live at The Jazz Standard)

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Shared August 27, 2018

Alina Engibaryan performing "The New You" from her album "We Are" recorded at the Jazz Standard - NYC on June 6th 2018

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Alina Engibaryan - Rhodes and Vocals
Taylor Eigsti - Piano
Michael League - Bass, Moog
Chris Potter - Saxophone
Kendrick Scott - Drums

Mixed by Pascal Pahl
Video by StellaK

Whenever I look at you
wearing a smile
trying to play it cool
strutting in style
hanging with major fools
all over town
your footsteps seem so certain now

have I grown old to you?
a relic in time
sign of a boring youth
to blemish your file
guess I could only feel
a bit of surprise
how quickly you could change your mind

I can remember a day
when you never made me wait
I never needed to beg you to listen
we used to stand at the gate
till there was nothing left to say
now I just stand in the way of your ambition

I think it's great for you
getting the hype
I've never related to
the envious type
there's only one trait that I
can never abide
your willingness to live the lie

I noticed it's been way too long
since I could understand
the soul in your assertions
and the virtue in your plans

I want to go back to a time when you really spoke your mind
I wish it was back then cause I really miss my friend