Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without A Pip-Boy?

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Shared November 7, 2018

You can choose to not use guns. You can avoid Stimpaks and healing items. You can get by without killing almost anyone. What you can’t do is leave Doc Mitchell’s house without a Pip-Boy. But let’s say that you could get rid of the Pip-Boy. Would you be able to beat Fallout New Vegas Without A Pip-Boy?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without A Pip-Boy? (in text form)

First things first, we gotta talk stats. We’ll get to the hows a bit later. Without a Pip-Boy, we can’t equip any weapons or use any items whatsoever. So, we’ll be relying solely on our fists to do damage, which means Strength at 10 is a must. High Endurance and Intelligence are also essential. Regarding perks, all we really need is Unarmed and Survival. These will help us do more damage to enemies and take more damage from them. Speech, as usual, will also come in handy.

Now, how the hell do you even remove the Pip Boy? Well, you can’t. Not through any normal means. However, once again console commands save the day. All we need is the base ID for the Pip Boy and we can permanently remove it. Enter “player.unequipitem 00015038” into the console window, hit enter, and voila, the Pip Boy is gone. I tested this before and I saw it on the ground, but I couldn’t find it this time. Oh well. Attempting to use the Pip-Boy will cause the Courier to take a nice long look at his forearm. You could also remove the Pip-Boy Glove as well, but that makes a portion of your arm invisible, so I didn’t do it.

So, we don’t have a Pip-Boy. What do we do now? Well, there are a few options. Normally, I would head straight for Red Rock Canyon by passing through Cazadore Alley so that I would be able to fast travel there later on. But, without a Pip-Boy we can’t fast travel anywhere. And trying to take out enough Great Khans at level 1 to preemptively complete that portion of Yes Man’s quest line would be a challenge. Instead, I took the road out of Goodsprings, through Deathclaw territory, and to the Strip.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned. My game froze shortly after killing some Powder Gangers, which set me back a bit. I decided it would be a good idea to stay as far to the right as possible to avoid Deathclaws. Then I took a stroll passed Black Mountain for a bit of easy experience, because you get about 9xp for every location you discover. I got lucky and was able to take down a Super Mutant for a nice chunk of XP. After killing a Ghecko, I leveled up, dumped the points into Unarmed, and thought I’d exterminate a few Powder Gangers. They had other ideas. With several broken bones and a sliver of health left, I retreated to a nearby house to sleep. Then, a new idea. Boone. With Boone by my side, enemies would be dead before I even knew they were there. On my way to Novac I figured I’d pick up some NCR armor so I could sneak into the Strip via Camp McCarren. Suddenly I remembered that I couldn’t equip NCR armor even if I wanted to because I don’t have a Pip-Boy. Then some Fiends killed me.

Back from the grave once more, I killed a Maintenance Robot and decided Novac was too far away. I settled for Veronica. Any companion is better than none, and I’d need 2000 caps to enter the Strip. She would be a perfect mule. After murdering several Followers of the Apocalypse, I leveled up, sold what I could do the Gun Runners, and made my way inside the Strip.

From there, I thought it a good idea to try and take on the Chairmen without being at max health. I died. Then I tried again, this time, leading them on a wild chase throughout the Tops, all the while being crippled and near death. I took a step onto a table, ready to leap from the balcony, onto Benny, killing us both in a beautiful shitshow.