Using an EEPROM to replace combinational logic

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Ben Eater

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Shared February 26, 2017

In this video, we'll wire up an EEPROM (28C16) so we can read its contents. We'll also take a look at the data sheet to learn how to program it, and try programming some values. Finally, we'll see how the EEPROM can be used to replace any combinational logic circuit such as the 7-segment decoder from the previous video (

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You can get all the components used in this video from any online electronic components distributor for a few dollars.

Complete parts list (everything in this video):
- 1x 28C16 EEPROM
- 8x LEDs
- 8x 330Ω resistors
- 1x 8-position DIP switch
- 1x 4-position DIP switch
- 12x 10kΩ resistors
- 1x 100nF capacitor
- 1x 680Ω resistor
- 1x momentary tact switch
- 1x Common Anode 7-segment display
- 1x 100Ω resistor