10 Cartoon Characters With Hidden Faces You Were Never Supposed To See

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Shared August 17, 2019

We actually ended up getting to finally see some of these hidden characters in the end! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Imagine getting your first starring role on a TV show -- only to learn your head is going to be cut off from view in every episode! Well, thankfully the characters on our list are all cartoons -- merely drawings without any true feelings or emotions. Ever wonder who tries to control all of the chaos in the house where a cat and mouse would literally try to assassinate each other in every episode?! Well, it was none other than Mammy Two Show, the possible owner of Tom -- or at least the person who looked over the house on the classic cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. The early seasons of South Park helped build up the world of iconic characters we still love today, but the real pop-culture icon recognition began with Kenny. Keny parishing away in each episode became a talked about trademark on the show -- along with the thick hoodie he draped over his head. The hoodie may have muffled his words, but we all knew the young boy had a heart -- and we REALLY REALLY wanted to see that cartoon face while watching the Comedy Central hit show!

And while the artists took the time to hide faces and conceal their real identities, there were some small moments where the faces were revealed -- even if it required pausing or slow motion effects. So now it’s time to see the mysterious faces on shows like Inspector Gadget, the Muppet Babies, and multiple shows that waited for full-length movies and specials to reveal the hidden faces!

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