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Abbey Glover

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Shared December 21, 2018

I’m tired of most things nowadays
Mostly tired of me
Tired of not sleeping how I’d like
Tired of over feeling things.
Wish I could feel a normal way
Not get mad at silly things
But I guess that feeling way too much
Is better than feeling nothing

You love me though don’t you ?
You get me though right ?
I shouldn’t have to ask myself these questions
When I fall asleep at night
Maybe I should take your word
Believe in what you say
But I know people lie
Maybe you can prove me wrong someday

I’m tired of not loving myself
As much as I should
I’m tired of not opening up
As much as I could
But people change
Maybe you could change me
You treat me better
Than any other previously
And I hope that even with my broken mind
I can still make you happy
I still make you happy


Oh but you don’t mind
The way I work inside
And I can promise with time
I can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of at night x2