Di Na Muli - Itchyworms / Janine Teñoso (Cover)

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Shared September 13, 2018

I'm uploading 3 videos tonight because I'm feeling extra. Also because I need to study and will start to get busier with classes. (If you catch me on social media too long, tell me to go study pls. haha)

So I'm uploading three kinds of covers tonight: one OPM, one English (American? mainstream? idk what to call it) collab, and one K-Pop.

This is 'Di Na Muli by Itchyworms, but I really like Janine Teñoso's version so mej leaning towards hers (but probably shouldn't belt since I cannot, kudos to you Janine, you iz uh-maazing).

I also have at least three more collabs from the Philippines! But the most unspeakable thing happened. I LOST my camera's SD card. Please pray I find it soon.

Also! You can stream my originals:

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Okay, now I'm done. Thank you! Ingats!