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Shared July 3, 2016

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In this video we try to show, how to use an interesting Android application called "ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER", which aims to help us expand the RAM memory of our Android mobile phone.

While "ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER" can extend the RAM to the amount we want, but the user must use it wisely. For example, if we have only 512 MB of RAM in our mobile device Android, how convenient would be extended only to 1 GB in total.

This is because "ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER" creates a file in the internal SD memory, which will be used as extended memory RAM qye will act, the time that is necessary.

If we exaggerate and use "ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER" to increase too much RAM memory, we are left no room for internal storage.

Check out the video tutorial and follow the steps to fulfill the requirements required by this application Android. Download links are in the post, using the URL of the beginning of this description.

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