The BOTTOM-DRIVE KONE EcoDisc at the College Street Car Park in Aberdeen has other glitches!

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Shared January 6, 2019

[Recorded 17/11/18] So I spotted a couple of other glitches with this lift while trying to find gaps between people using it to film it and I noticed two - the indicator on Level 12 has the same rotation glitch as can be seen on Level 6 and on Level 10 the buttons are wired wrong - the up button registers a down call and the down button must therefore register an up call! Although something rare I discovered about this lift during this video - it is actually BOTTOM DRIVE! Not often you get bottom-drive EcoDiscs which makes me think that, along with using a machine room and the interesting call panels that this is not the original lift to the car park. What do you think?

Outro inspired by DieselDucy, intro music unknown, outro music from UPMZkilla (I think).