Actors Quit Hollywood Career For Normal Jobs

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Shared May 7, 2019

What Life After Hollywood Looks Like For These Famous Stars
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Have you ever thought of quitting your day job to pursue your dream job? Some people want to get out from behind a desk and work hard to become a star in Hollywood! Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Every now and then, there are big Hollywood stars who get sick of the industry and want to quit the celebrity life to pursue a career that’s a little more, well, “normal”. Game of Thrones stars are quitting acting after the show ends to get back to their roots or even work in criminalistics. One half of a famous Disney duo is making waves in the brewery community in New York! And some stars are struggling to get back into a regular job after life in the spotlight. Why quit the dream? Isn’t Hollywood life pretty much the pinnacle of creative living? Some stars say it’s just not worth it, no matter how big the role. A few of them only needed one role and that fulfilled their acting bug. Now it’s back to regular living! Check out this video to see which actors quit their Hollywood career for normal jobs. Sophie Turner’s next career choice may surprise you!!

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