Clear footage of the assault on a woman by transgender activists at Speakers' Corner

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Miranda Yardley

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Shared September 15, 2017

Posted as a news item, not for shock or entertainment.

A woman was assaulted by three or four men at a protest of a feminist event on 13 September 2017. This assault has been celebrated by transgender activists who have intentionally sought to silence criticism of this, indeed instead of recognising this a problem there has been incitement to further violence.

Please do not contact and especially do not harass anyone mentioned in this video, which is a criticism of words and actions of others and it's not my intention to lead to bullying. Condoning violence is wrong and silencing our organisations so they don't speak out against it propagates cultural violence. This cannot continue. We need to make sure such violence does not happen again.

Stand against male violence against women.

Please consider donating to Women’s Aid.