Hilarious!!! Jogger Tells TV Reporter 'snow is 'perfect for running' and falls on HER BUTT Live

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Shared February 10, 2014

Are you sure about that? Jogger tells TV station reporter that snow is 'perfect for running'... seconds before falling over Joggers posed for the camera in downtown Portland, Oregon in wintry conditions on Friday

Jogging in icy weather is not just unwise but can also be dangerous - although it's the bruise to this avid runner's ego that will likely last the longest.

Joggers Chelsea and Michael, kitted out head-to-toe in high-tech sportswear, stopped for a chat with a TV reporter as snow fell heavily in Portland, Oregon on Friday.

Chelsea smugly told the reporter that the snow 'was the perfect texture for running, very low impact and it's dry snow so your feet don't get wet'.

After extolling the virtues of running in the wintry conditions, Chelsea jogged a few feet up the street and slid, landing flat on her back.

The KOIN news reporter called out 'Are you ok?' as Chelsea was helped to her feet by Michael. The runner gave a thumb's up sign before hobbling away from the rolling camera.

The hilarious video has been viewed thousands of times online and fortunately Chelsea, who was not seriously injured, took it in good spirits.

She was the first person to comment when the news clip popped up on Deadspin.

She wrote: As the chick in this video, all I can say is that running in powder when there's no one else out at night is a s***load of fun.

'But stopping to pose for the local news station in the middle of the icy street hurts like a bitch. Glad it's as funny for everyone else as it was for us.'

Many commentators commiserated with Chelsea. Cobra Brah wrote: 'You took a major spill and owned up to it with class. Essentially, you are the complete opposite of British Petroleum. Kudos.'

Justin jump wrote: 'It's not just the fall though; the greatest part about it is the unbridled enthusiasm and confidence you have in your snow-running abilities in the interview immediately BEFORE the fall. The fall itself is a dime a dozen. The two together? That's a spicy a-meatball.'

There were also a few less generous remarks. Meanman99 posted: 'There is a special place in hell for hipsters like her.'