Trudeau Calls For a Feminist Movement Among Men

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Shared September 25, 2017

(20 Sep 2017) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in New York to attend the 72nd U.N. General Assembly, sought to energize the world's youth while speaking at an inaugural WE Day UN event at Madison Square Garden (MSG).
WE Day UN is an initiative supported by the Canadian government, which partners with several U.N. organizations to foster youth engagement and to inspire the youth in playing an integral role in building peace and stability.
Trudeau strode on to the bright MSG stage energetically with his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.
He said that the youth were not just the leaders of tomorrow, but of today.
He went on to call for a "He for She" movement.
"I am proud to stand here during U.N. week here in New York and advocate for "He for She".
"He for She" is a U.N. movement that I hope all of you go up and sign up for, of men standing up for women. Men shutting down some of those negative conversations that we get in locker rooms and in bro culture. We need to know that we are better than that," he said.
Adding to that plea for gender equality, Sophie Trudeau struck a personal note while asking for a redefinition of "normal".
"You know I'm a mama of three kids and I have two boys. And boys are wonderful, creative, intelligent, wise human beings. And you guys when you live in a culture that sometimes narrows your notion of what it is to be male and masculine, it doesn't celebrate your intelligence and your potential. You are amazing human beings and we need you at every step in making this world a more just place for all," she said.
Even while the Canadian Prime Minister is in New York as part of the large multilateral diplomatic effort that is the United Nations, he made sure to tell the youth gathered at the iconic venue that worldwide change would depend upon them, not just on world leaders.
"The world is changing, the rules are changing, but what they change into and how they change, depends not on leaders in government offices or in businesses, it depends on citizens, it depends on you, how you change the world will make the world we're part of," he said.

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