Skyrim: 5 Secret Magical Effects and Spells You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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Shared February 16, 2019

Skyrim offers a wealth of spells, potions, powers and more magical effects available for the Dragonborn to use. However, there are a handful of magical elements in The Elder Scrolls 5 that are somewhat hidden from the player or otherwise extremely rare and these secretive abilities are among Skyrim’s most intriguing. So today we’ll be diving into five secret magical effects that you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.


Roses are red
There's mead on his breath
You say killed
I say murdered to death

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Fun fact: There is not actually 7000 steps but only 5207.

I counted twice

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Where is conjure skooma spell?

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Chris' Channel

Go to the college, da said. Use your smarts, he said. Idiot, how was I supposed to know what college he meant?

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The Raven

"Only way to get this ghostly effect" Become Ethereal.

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Texas Dice

Wearing Daedric Armor gives a hidden bonus to Intimidation.

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Sen Taiyo

Number 1 secret Skyrim doesn't want you to know.

The person who stole your sweet roll is M'aiq.

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1: The magic of the cloud district.

This can only be used by Nazeem because he is way stronger than the Dragonborn. This power grants you the power of the cloud district.

Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

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Ahhh, Windelius, Skyrim's Scooby-Doo villain.

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Jack Duff

I've got a pretty good theory ; What was Aerin doing in Mzinchaleft? Was he following Mjoll? how did he get passed the centurion? And because the gate to the ruin was closed, he must have carried her the entire way back through Mzinchaleft! How?

I have a theory about Aerin that answers a few questions about this character. I think Aerin was once a member of the Dark Brotherhood and Mjoll was his target.

There is plenty of evidence to back this up too, like

1) Aerin having a notable wealth (we can rule out him being part of the Theives Guild, as there is a radiant quest to steal from him). We know that the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim pays 100 gold per contract. this could explain his wealth without having a paying job.

2) This explains why he was in Mzinchaleft and was able to go without being noticed by Mjoll as she was in there (We can figure that he got there fairly quickly, as Mjoll was still breathing when he got there)

3) this also could answer the question of who the black sacrament in Maven Black-Briar's home belongs to. we know that Maven and Mjoll don't have much of a liking for each other. this could have been Maven trying to bring an end to Mjoll meddling in her dealings.

4) It's very obvious that Aerin is in love with Mjoll, and he could have started falling for her when he was stalking her for his kill. this could have been his reason for leaving the Brotherhood, and the reason he always follows her is so that he might be able to keep her safe from any other Brotherhood members, as he knows who they all are. after finding her, he couldn't bring himself to kill her.

5) Aerin must have some sneaking and fighting skills, as Mzinchaleft can prove to be a challenge for even the Dragonborn. so he would need to be more capable than he lets on to be able to find Mjoll, carry her ALL THE WAY BACK and be able to come up with a story to trick Mjoll into coming with him back to Riften.

or it's nothing and I'm just over thinking this, but it's a question that I don't think I've ever heard anyone else ask. You can use this theory in one of your videos if you want to.

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Hey Skyrim, its guys here, and Nate is a massive game.

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Lord Shaxx of the Vlka Fenryka

Ok... I didn't know that voice of the sky worked on Vampires...
Dawnguard Legendary Playthrough with Iron Dagger on level 10!

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Nemerly o,O

I knew about Prowlers Profit. The problem is that by the time I complete that quest, I am soooo rich, that the extra gems are meaningless.

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Selena Gamya

Here's a good one for you:
The Necromage perk in the restoration skill makes spells more effective against the undead. However, this applies to not only spells, but also enchantments, potion effects, and even perk effects. On top of this, if the player is a vampire, they will be flagged as undead. This means that any spells, potions, enchantments and perks that effect the player will be stronger.

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Fun fact: The shockwave of a giant's attacks is technically considered a magical effect.

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Voltaic Fire

Is seeing Fallout 76 and wanting to play Skyrim a magical effect?

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There's actually a spell you missed, Nate.

Repel Virginity.

It's a spell I have yet to find. I have read about it in books, seen it in action. But nobody ever taught me it...

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Kubo Edgeworth

Don't think I wasn't pissed of when I learned you can never use Alduin's "Meteor Breath" shout.

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The Perses

Its barrow scooby doo time. I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddlesome dragonborn.

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