Why The Lakers NEED To Sign These 5 Players After The Anthony Davis Trade (Ft. NBA Free Agency)

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Shared June 18, 2019

After the Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers, the Lakers need to sign players in the NBA Free agency and since they can’t sign a max player, who do they sign? #Lakers #NBA

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If you didn’t see my video on the AD trade, I pretty much talk everything about the trade and the potential dynasty and huge risks there are with the trade so you might wanna check that one out. I mentioned the Lakers roster in that one and I’m gonna use the same joke. Isaac Bonga is definitely not a championship starting point guard. Because the Lakers probably won’t have cap space for a max free agent and assuming that a free agent doesn’t give them a discount, these 5 free agents should be signed together with the limited cap space they have to give them the right depth so let’s just get into it.

These 5 free agents can be signed for a total of $23.7 million plus using the mid-level exception of approximately $5.5 million to sign over the cap along with veteran minimums. Before we get to the 5 free agents, it’s important to understand what LeBron and Anthony Davis need. It’s interesting that with LeBron James led teams, you usually need floor spacing and shooters all around with a big man that can rebound and protect the rim. Looking at the lineups that have been the most effective in LeBron’s career, especially come playoffs time, there have been at minimum 3 shooters. This was the most effective Cavs lineup 2016 with LeBron, Love, Irving, Thompson, and JR Smith, ya know before JR did this. He shot 43% from 3 in those playoffs making 3.1 out of 7.2 per game so that’s really good. JR was also an average defender too. Their 3 shooters in Love, Irving, and JR spaced the floor and of course Irving did his own thing as well. Thompson was their rebounder slash rim protector.

While he was the main man on the Pelicans, Anthony Davis really hasn’t gotten a team built around him that was suited for his strengths so there’s not exactly a clear cut formula with Davis yet there are some things that are clear. For one, Anthony Davis doesn’t typically dribble into his spots, he usually gets a pass into the spot he wants. Last season, 87.5% of his shots came after 2 dribbles or less. In 2017-2018, it was 90%. Also, in the 2017-18 season, the Pelicans hasd a 48-34 record, their best record since Anthony Davis has been on the team.

The first one is the point guard Patrick Beverley. We all know him for his defense, his pesky, annoying, tough defense. I mean shoot he bothered Kevin Durant and he’s like a whole 10 inches shorter than him. He’s an average playmakers at best, but what is underrated about him is his 3 point shooting. He is a career 38% shooter from 3 and just last season shot 40% from 3 and 41% on catch and shoot 3s.
With that money, the next player the Lakers need to get is JJ Reddick. This to me is necessary, the Lakers need a knockdown shooter that draws attention to himself and away from LeBron and AD. JJ Redick just averaged 18 points last season shooting 40% from 3 and at times in the Sixers season was the only shooter on the floor that was above 38% from 3. He can do it all whether it’s coming off screens, moving off-ball constantly, making contested shots, JJ Redick has experience in playing off a big man like Joel Embiid and a playmaker in Ben Simmons.

Now these three players that can be signed are Rajon Rondo, Reggie Bullock and Javale Mcgee. The Lakers need a true center to run alongside Davis, someone who can be effective at helping grab boards and protecting the rim when AD goes to the bench and at the same time, someone who can prevent AD from getting banged up inside which the 7 footer McGee. This also allows Davis to play his more natural position at the 4. McGee is also an NBA champion that has given important minutes in the playoffs to the Warriors.

Rondo is the secondary playmaker that can come off the bench. He has great chemistry with Anthony Davis and can help put AD in scoring positions when Bron goes to the bench. He averaged 8 assists last season and was actually able to make some 3s, shooting 36% from 3. Playoff Rondo is also a real thing as all his stats increase in the playoffs.

Reggie Bullock is interesting because he’s the one guy that I think loved playing with LeBron and is also a guy that definitely can’t create his own and would strictly be a 3 and D guy off the bench to help with their wings as 90% of his 3s are catch and shoot. Before he joined the Lakers, Bullock was shooting 38% from 3 and in the 2018 season he shot 44.5% from 3.

The Lakers can sign these 5 guys, it’s not some fantasy or miracle, it’s a reality that can be their future and I think that’s the way to go, but what do you think? What other free agents should they go after? Can the Lakers win the championship?


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