Trump Prophecy: THIRD TEMPLE is NOW REAL ~ Trump Prophecies, Third Temple documentary and Trump Coin

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Trey Smith

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Shared June 29, 2018

TRUMP PROPHECIES: For the new Enoch documentary set by Trey Smith (who made the original TRUMP PROPHECY documentary) click here: Each documentary in the series is roughly between one and two hours long. Last uploaded was Angels to the partnership section of God in a Nutshell was "Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils" a roughly 2 hour documentary.


There is much speculation that Donald Trump is following Biblical Prophecy. In regards to Israel, one of the major prophetic end time events would be the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

This is a short documentary on the Third Temple (Third Temple, Jerusalem, Israel, documentary) roughly 30 minutes long.

Also covered, Roger Stone (friend and adviser to Trump, Reagan and Nixon; also the man who called the election for Bush in Florida) is prophetically covered. It is believed Roger Stone (who put Donald Trump on the ballot for president at least twice and aided in push towards Trump's presidency three times) is covered in Kim Clement prophecies revolving around Donald Trump.

Roger Stone is covered in these prophecies.

Kim Clement's family have been pouring through Clement's prophecies and finding more and more in his old journals, audio tapes and recordings since Kim Clement's death roughly 3 weeks following the election of Donald Trump.

Kim Clement is often called the End Times prophet. Though he would have NEVER likely said this of himself, he was a humble man. Clement gave prophecies to thousands and thousands worldwide, including presidents... And prophesied every president correctly going back before Reagan.

In this Trump Prophecy movie Trey Smith takes you on the journey to find the Trump coins with the image of the prophetic end times Third Temple on the coins. Many believed these Trump/Cyrus Coins for the Third Temple to be a conspiracy.

However, in this Trump documentary, we discover the THIRD TEMPLE coins to be very real.

In fact, these TRUMP PROPHECY coins are being made by Biblical Prophecy, according to Leviticus Law and Biblical Law, and by the Sanhedrin themselves.

The Sanhedrin is an ancient tribunal of rabbis in the Land of Israel who would be over the construction and running of the third temple should it be built. The Sanhedrin is the council of the high priest.

The Sanhedrin have infact depicted Trump on a coin that meets Biblical prophecy. More than this, the "Trump coins" are like a prophecy of Trump all in themselves.

Each Trump coin is a REAL Half Shekel and the medal is made according to Levitical Law from pewter metal with at least 9.6 grams of halachically required pure silver. This would be what is required as the Third Temple tax should the temple be rebuilt according to Biblical prophecy.

Trump prophecies movie and Trump documentary:

This short Trump prophecies documentary is from Trey Smith and God in a Nutshell.

God in a Nutshell has also made the Trump coins available courtesy the actual Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, Israel:

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Trump Prophecy is REAL. Thank you for watching the Trump prophecies and this short documentary on the Trump coin and coming Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel.

Special thanks also to the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, Israel for their help and cooperation in gaining the Trump Third Temple Coins and permissions and dialog they made available for this Trump documentary.