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Danger Gamer

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Shared June 12, 2019

An epic showdown between Coco and the human king ensues after Lucas takes one of his bullets for her. And will the locket’s contents finally be revealed?

hAsHtAg LuCoCo ShIp!!! ✌️

If you still don’t get what Leon was, he’s a tiger hybrid.

Again, shoutout to Gacha Warriors!

Tysm for the 200 subs! It was hardly over 100 a few days ago, and now it’s a legit two hundred!!! :D Ima post a special on Saturday ;)

Going out of town for my cousin’s wedding and my grandpa’s eightieth bday! Might be a tiiiiiiny bit behind schedule; apologies in advance. 😌

And I’m getting my book published soon, sooooo I’m kinda occupied with that, but I’ll never forget about YouTube!

bAi FeLiCiA!