Marvel's Original MCU Plan Would Have Made Avengers: Endgame Very Different

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Shared May 29, 2019

We could have gotten a totally different team of Avengers if Marvel had stuck to their original plan for the MCU! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos:

The MCU Avengers are now, of course, some of the most iconic characters in movie history - but they could have been very different.

The way in which their story has been told in the franchise points to a meticulously planned long-term idea - but that's actually far from being true.

In fact, if the truth be told, the MCU and its flagship team of heroes are a prime example of how last minute changes, unforeseen obstacles, improvisation, off the cuff decisions and freewheeling can actually emphatically work out for the best.

In this video, we'll outline exactly what we mean by that, as we take you through Marvel Studios' original plans, which would have given us very different Avengers.

The creative process that led to the Avengers being formed on screen saw changes to the team's lineup, the actors who would portray them, the story they'd be telling, the opponents they'd be facing, and indeed the people behind the scenes who'd be putting the whole thing together.

Some of the changes included Joss Whedon changing Zak Penn's script, Loki not being accompanied by a certain Iron Man character, and the Wasp being omitted from the script.

If you want to find out more, you'll just have to watch the video, guys! It might surprise you!

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