When Should You Leave An Interview?

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Shared July 23, 2019

An argument regarding certain questions and the answers which are given.

When somebody decides to leave an interview, they may feel justified. The person who stays may disagree. But whose opinion counts the most when an interview is cut short? This is an argument about the power of public opinion - how it ultimately decides whether or not you should end an interview.

Joan Rivers Interview: https://youtu.be/6lKS-Et-VmE

Robert Downey Jr. Interivew: https://youtu.be/ALBwaO-rAsE

Rahm Emanuel Interview: https://www.msnbc.com/way-too-early/w...

Stevie Boebi: https://youtu.be/4QVchsI9puY

Bill O'Reilly Interview: https://youtu.be/_mwkK5wbUL0

Ben Shapiro Interview [BBC]: https://youtu.be/6VixqvOcK8E

Ben Shapiro [Crowder] Interview: https://youtu.be/bf8T2YYu780?t=2268

Jordan Peterson Interview: https://youtu.be/aMcjxSThD54

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