Announcing my WW1 Battlefield Tour: Come Join Me!

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Shared December 23, 2018

Sign up here, and make sure to tell them Ian sent you!

I am excited to announce that I will be leading a WW1 battlefield tour in Belgium and France (mostly France) September 7-15 of 2019. It is being run by Military History Tours, who have more than 30 years experience running worldwide military tours, and I will be acting as tour historian for the trip.

The organizing theme is to follow the war chronologically, learning about how it progressed over the years. It was truly World War One that brought the world from volley fire in standing lines to modern small unit tactics and mechanized warfare. We will be visiting museums, forts, battlefields, monuments, and more - this is an opportunity to experience the history in a way that you only can be being at the places where the cataclysms like Ypres, Verdun, and Belleau Wood actually happened.

The tour cost is $3,375, which covers all lodging, tickets, entrance fees, transportation, and about half of the meals for the week. It does not include airfare - we will begin in Brussels and conclude in Paris (a great opportunity to spend a few days in the City of Lights!). You can find a full itinerary at the Military History Tours web site:

I look forward to seeing you there!