Jordan Peterson Is An Anti-White Globalist

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Resurrection Europa

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Shared November 26, 2018

Jordan Peterson just attended the Trilateral Commission conference in Slovenia, but this isn't the first indication we've had that he is a globalist shill.

Peterson worked for the United Nations for three years, serving as an adviser to Jim Balsillie, former CEO of RIM. Balsillie is one of George Soros' proteges, and he co-founded the INET globalist think tank with Soros.

Eric Weinstein, the creator of the Intellectual Dark Web that Peterson and many of his associates are featured by, is an official expert at INET.

While working at the UN, Peterson helped write a Marxist blueprint for one world government communism:

It details how wealth must be transferred from the West to the third world, and how illegal immigrants that invade Western countries must be given free money and resources to establish themselves in our countries.

Nationalism is the greatest obstacle to the implementation of this globalist communist hegemony, and Jordan Peterson is vehemently anti-nationalist and anti-White.

Peterson is a globalist conman working for the people who are in the process of destroying our nations and robbing our descendants of everything we and our ancestors have worked and shed blood for.

Jordan Peterson is an enemy the White race and of humanity as a whole.

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