Why Cersei is the Best Character on Game of Thrones

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Shared March 18, 2019

Cersei Lannister may just be one of the most hated characters in the history of television. The ruthless Queen will stop at nothing to maintain her own power and will Destroy anyone who she believes threatens her or her family. In my opinion, Cersei is the best villain that the show has ever seen, and currently the best character on the show. The version of Cersei Lannister portrayed in Game of Thrones is not surprisingly quite different from the one in which George RR Martin created in his A Song of Ice and Fire books series. The version of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones is far more relatable and is more humanized in the viewer's eye than she ever was in the books.

Take the exchange between Catelyn and Cersei in season 1 after bran falls from the Broken Tower. Cersei tells the story of her first and only child with Robert, a child with dark hair that died soon after its birth. Cersei tells no such story in the books but the show version of Cersei seems to have been earnest and quite emotional when she recounted the story to Catlin. Right from the start, Cersei is demonstrating to be a character containing a significant amount of emotional depth. In George RR Martin's novels for the first three books, Cersei comes across as merely a vindictive, arrogant, and cruel person in many ways fulfilling the Trope of the evil queen. It is not until A Feast for Crows that we see the world from Cersei's point of view and even then she's still not relatable in the same way that Cersei Lannister is relatable in the show.

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