On My Mind - Original Song

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Genre: Music

Family friendly? Yes

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Abbey Glover

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Shared December 6, 2018

Lyrics :

I thought I’d told you everything I was thinking
But it turned out I was dreaming again
now you’re gone
And I won’t get the chance
I won’t get the chance to say
And all I can do is hope you were dreaming the same as me that day

I love you more than words can say
And I hope sometimes that I am on your brain
Cos you’re always on mine
Always on mine
Always on mine
All the time
All the time
All the time

I thought I saw you today
As I was walking home in the rain but it
Turns out it was just my imagination
Playing tricks on me again
I feel like I’m going crazy
I feel I’ve gone mad
But maybe I’m just sad because
I’ve lost the best thing I ever had


And I know I’ll see you again
I just wish I could know when
So I can look forward
I can look forward to something x2


Chords used :
Verses : Am C G F
Chorus : Am G F Am G F Am G F Am G C F
Bridge : F Am C D x2