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Count Dankula

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Shared September 13, 2018

Now settle down there Mr Reporter, before you make a nasty mess in your y-fronts, let just a explain a few things.

I am not an MEP or a politician, nor do I even hold any kind of position in any kind of political group, I am just an edgy youtube comedian, who makes edgy jokes.

The opinions that I display in this video are my own opinions, and don't reflect the opinions of UKIP or any other such group, also the edgy jokes I make in this video are just that, jokes.

So before you go running off and start typing out the headline "OFFENSIVE COMEDIAN MAKES OFFENSIVE JOKES IN THE EU PARLIAMENT NO LESS", just remember that making edgy jokes is literally what I do for a living, it isn't newsworthy, it's not a surprise and I can assure you absolutely no one will be shocked by this at all because you would literally be complaining about things a comedian said while in character.

Who am I kidding, you'll probably ignore this.


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