What Am I Doing Wrong ? - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

Family friendly? Yes

Wilson score: 0.994

Rating: 4.9813 / 5

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Abbey Glover

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Shared August 8, 2019

Lyrics :

I’m hurting
And I don’t even know where it hurts
Always losing
Everyone else is coming first
I’m in love
And I can’t trust them
I don’t even have a reason not to
Is it all in my head ?

And you can’t predict the weather
But I feel I can predict love
And if it’s not only true in movies then
What am I doing wrong ?
They say there’s someone out there for everyone
what if there’s no out out there for me
Maybe I’m destined to write sad love songs
Oh I’m ever so lonely

I keep having this dream
That I love someone
And they love me
It feels so real
That my heart breaks every single morning