The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 12

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Shared November 13, 2013

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Renamon model originally created by RyokuKitsune

The map in the final skit is known as rp_littletown and it's a fantastic map. I highly recommend it

Regardless of the lengthy gap in time between episodes, this one actually only took about 2 months to make. On top of the fact that I always have something going on and that I have many videos to work on, it would have been here sooner if I wasn't moving cross country again, this time to Florida. Let's hope no more big scary holdups get in the way for a while. See you at episode 13!

--- Music used ---

00:06: Comic Relief - Deadly Premonition OST
00:35: My Name is Lincoln - Avatar OST
00:49: Dream a Dream - Captain Jack
00:51: SynTek Residential Mall - Alien Swarm OST
01:16: Come On! - Lost Without Cause
01:24: Creole Clarinet
02:18: Insects Are All Around Us - Fun with Dick and Jane OST
03:00: Gas Can Rage - Breaking Bad OST
03:29: Carrington Institute - Perfect Dark OST
03:48: Max Payne 3 theme
04:00: Temple Fights - The Protector OST (Tony Jaa)
05:21: Always A Catch - The Dark Knight OST
05:25: Minecraft Theme Music 1
07:12: Heute ist mein Tag - Blumchen
08:00: Undying Love - Two Steps From Hell
08:21: Frozen Caves of Camanis - Tyrian OST (remixed by winKoneR)

All other tracks not on this list are tracks from Batman Arkham City and Dead Rising 2 and have no official names to them to reference (that I know of anyway)


Now you can download Dr. Hax's Banhammer model for yourself!
And once you have that model, try out the useable weapon!

There's also the Axe body spray can model. Sorry, it doesn't actually explode when thrown.