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Genre: Comedy

Family friendly? Yes

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Count Dankula

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Shared May 7, 2019


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---------ART COMPETITION------------

All submissions are to be sent to:



1. No copyrighted material that will get me sued, you must be the full owner of the work

2. Nothing too edgy that will get me yeeted off of teespring (nudity, gore etc)

3. If your artwork is accepted it means that all ownership and copyright of it transfer over to me. This only counts for accepted artwork, if your artwork doesn't get selected then it is still your IP. (I was told to put this in here just in case someone tries to lawsuit scam me).

4. In your submission email please include your paypal link, so there is no confusion or delay in getting your money to you if your art is selected.


1st Place - £300
2nd Place - £200
3rd Place - £100

Any other art selected for merch after this will win a runner up prize of £50.

Submissions will close on 1st of June, it may take some time to go through the submissions (possibly longer due to my wedding) but the discord mods will be helping out so the winners can be picked and I can get the prizes paid out ASAP.