Dear Somebody - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared January 5, 2019

What does this song make you feel ?
it was supposed to be a sweet song for someone but now i'm listening back i think it's more how i'd like them to see me.

lyrics :

dear somebody i love, dear
somebody i love
you know, i'm scared of futur and time
and with you, time flies by.
but i don't mind,
i don't mind,
i dont mind.

Dear somebody i care about, dear
somebody i care about
you know I
won't ever let you down
and i'll always be around
if you want me to
if you want me to
if you want me to

i still get butterflies
when you look me in the eyes
always blue skies
you make anywhere paradise
and i'm sorry if
i dont tell you
as much as i should
what you do to me
can you feel it
can you feel my heart beating baby

dear somebody i want, dear
somebody i want to be happy
from the moment they wake up
to the minute they fall asleep
all the time
all the time
all the time

dear somebody that knows, dear
somebody that knows
how to treat me kindly
lift me up when i'm low
in fact it feels like i'm flying
with you
with you
with you


faster faster
faster faster
can you feel my heartbeat
faster faster
faster faster
can you feel my heartbear
faster faster

chorus x2