10 Times Gohan Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)

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Shared April 1, 2019

The Characters Who DRASTICALLY Underestimated Gohan In Dragon Ball

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Gohan isn’t always seen as the strongest character in Dragon Ball and, as such, he’s been underestimated quite a bit throughout the franchise. Another reason for this is that he’s a fundamentally different character from Goku, instead of loving fighting, Gohan fights only when necessary, at least most of the time, thus, he’s seen as weak by many, including Vegeta, who believes he peaked in the Cell saga.

Suffice to say, Gohan isn’t many people’s go-to image of massive power when it comes to Dragon Ball, not by fans and not by characters within the series. This was especially true when he was a kid, since he was often scared of fighting and hid during his first major battle, but as many of these characters that underestimated Gohan would find out, the half-Saiyan is actually very, very powerful and very, very capable in a fight, standing as one of the strongest and smartest fighters.


Entry 1 - CELL
Entry 2 - RADITZ
Entry 3 - KIBITO
Entry 4 - LAVENDER
Entry 5 - PICCOLO
Entry 6 - VIDEL
Entry 7 - FRIEZA
Entry 8 - VEGETA
Entry 9 - SUPER BUU
Entry 10 - HIMSELF


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