Stechkin APS: The Soviet Machine Pistol

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Shared January 11, 2019

Sorry, slight mistake on my part - the arsenal mark on this is Molot, not Tula!

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The APS is a machine pistol developed by Igor Stechkin in the late 1940s and adopted by the Soviet Union in 1951, basically at the same time as the Makarov pistol. The Stechkin and Makarov share many characteristics - both are double action, both fire the 9x18mm cartridge, both have decocking mechanisms, both have heel magazine releases, and both are simple blowback actions with fixed barrels. The Stechkin, however, is capable of both semiautomatic and fully automatic fire, and is paired with a detachable combination shoulder stock and holster. The Stechkin is also a substantially larger gun, with a 20-round double stack/double feed magazine and a rate reducing mechanism in the grip.

In practice the Stechkin was not particularly successful, as is a difficult weapon to shoot accurately. It was intended as a personal defense weapon for personnel like drivers, vehicle crews, and the like - men who needed a weapon of some sort, but did not have the need for an infantry rifle. In the US military at the time, this role was performed by the M1/M2 carbine. In the 1970s the Stechkins were pulled out of service and replaced by short-barreled AK rifles - but they did see a limited resurgence of use by the Spetznaz in Afghanistan, where they were used with suppressors for special operations.

Thanks to Movie Armaments Group for sharing their Stechkins with me for this video!

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Sights going out to 200 metres? That's optimistic.

5 days ago | 530


I've just realised that McCollum could quite easily become the next Gordon Ramsay, in his ability to deconstruct a Pavlova.

5 days ago | 208

Fell Man

Would you like a stock or a holster for your pistol? Yes.

5 days ago | 324


Nothing like waking up before work to a stetchkin video

5 days ago | 245

Алексей Алексеев

Stechkin still popular enough among spec police units. They use it without stock just like full size combat pistol. Да и у бандитов штука популярная: особенно с кавказа :)

5 days ago | 232

Kristina Rain

Oh my god😮❤ Я люблю Стечки АПС!!!!!! Спасибо! The pilot shot down in Syria was armed with this and used it to hold off a group of 'moderate' beheaders approaching his position. He was wounded and knew he wasn't gonna make it so he took out a grenade and pulled pin and waited until they were trying to drag him off and... Brave brave man!

5 days ago | 108

Jack Dewitt

Last time I was this early the Habsburgs still mattered

5 days ago | 182

Random, family Man

I’m sporting wood... like the gun

5 days ago | 132


I'm not sure how good it is as a PDW but as a service pistol it is popular with the Russian police to this day, and still sees usage with Russians in Syria, especially with pilots. There's a photo of a Russian airman with one of these and 4 spare magazines on his person

5 days ago | 102


Super Makarov at its finest.

5 days ago | 107


Balalaika's gun from Black lagoon!

5 days ago | 57

paul manson

Hi Ian. You made a comment about the plastic stock being of some phenolic material. Bakelite is itself a phenol-formaldehyde product. No doubt different look and feel from whatever phenolic material you were thinking of,but likely not terribly different in basic chemistry. I made Bakelite for a science project in high school. Most phenolics use formaldehyde or similar chemistry to create the basic conditions for crosslinking. I could be wrong,but I believe they are all thermosetting as well. A minor issue but you might be interested in it. Cheers.

5 days ago | 49


Perfect for concealed carry

5 days ago | 107


Wz. 63 Rak please! Another interesting Warsaw Pact machine pistol

5 days ago | 10


I love using this in Escape From Tarkov

5 days ago | 65


Krinkov is actually an Afghan term, not an American one. See Miles Vining's TFB articles.

5 days ago | 45

yeetster 6969

Hi Ian just wondering would you be able to have a look at any irish made weapons. I know thats a big ask and would be hard to source but I know there was a lot of homw manufacturing of lee enfields mausers and some pistols during the 1916 rising war of independance and a small bit in the civil war. Would appreciate greatly. Keep up the good work and kindest regards.

5 days ago | 40

J Bovenzi

200 meters for a 9x18mm, LOL

5 days ago | 44


0 dislikes?!

5 days ago | 25

Just Another Videoless Channel

The Bakelite/Resine stock made me feel feelings I thought were reserved only for the opposite sex. Lord help me.

5 days ago | 10