CRESTA- Lead Up to 8's + Ship to the USA

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Benny's Custom Works

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Shared July 11, 2019

We look back on the couple of weeks leading up to the Cresta's first ever 8 second pass including fire proofing & running it on the dyno. We then take it to the docks where it will be shipped off to the USA. There's high hopes for the Cresta & it's new setup this year.

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Benny makes this stuff look like a walk in the park. Please consider the risk factors and talk to a qualified mechanic, as well as a psychologist, if you’re thinking of attempting anything you’ve seen on the show.
Take into consideration your safety, the safety of others, as well as your vehicle’s best interests- warranty, etc.
Unless you’re trained & qualified to do so, we don’t recommend modifying your vehicle in any way. Stickers don’t add HP unless installed correctly.