VLC Mobile Remote Setup Instructions - iPhone & Android

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Adarsh Urs

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Shared March 11, 2014

VLC M Remote now is also PC Remote and Mac Remote. Install VMR Connect on your Windows/Mac computer to easily Setup VLC and Connect the app to your computer.

Download VMR Connect - https://vlcmobileremote.com/download

FAQ - https://vlcmobileremote.com/faq.html

VLC Remote setup & guide to use.

VLC Remote app to control VLC Media Player from your iPhone, Android, Windows & iPad

Available on App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store https://vlcmobileremote.com

Instead of looking for VLC shortcut keys or worrying about setting hotkeys, use VLC Mobile Remote on your smartphone. It does have all the top notch features such as play, forward, full screen, file browse/selection,crop, aspect ratio, screenshot, subtitle, audio delay sync and many more features.

Available on Apple App Store, Google play & Windows phone. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac VLC. Give it a try, it's free. Download here - http://vlcmobileremote.com/

The video shows complete setup instructions for VLC remote connection, including configuring VLC player by setting up password to get your computer IP address etc.

VLC player download link http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html