Insane moment two KOALAS get into a fight.

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Shared September 8, 2019

The insane moment is captured when two koalas get into a vicious, brutal brawl at a South Australia animal sanctuary on August 16.

A male koala (the larger one climbing the tree in the video) approaches a female already nested at the top of the tree and begins to engage, but according the filmer —Gaylene, who works as a tour guide, at the Kangaroo Island Odysseys animal sanctuary — this was out of mating season and highly unusual.

Screeching and shrieking in rage, the koalas exchange blows and grapple as they descend down the tree, then continue lashing out on the ground before the male eventually concedes defeat and wanders away to recover.

"I've never seen anything like this," Gaylene said, a long-time employee at the animal sanctuary.

The brutal battle ended with both koalas walking away relatively unscathed.

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