If She Was Mine - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared September 13, 2019

2 videos today aha I wasn’t going to upload this but thought why not in the end


Here’s a sad love story about
Rosie and Kim
She doesn’t love her
Rose loves Kim
Rose is always apologizing
For things she didn’t do
Because Tim likes to have control
And he tells her to

Rosie knows
That she should go
But he’s told her that she’ll never find someone who loves her like he does
Like he does
He’s a liar
He’s a liar
And if I had her
I’d show her what,
I’d show her what love is
What love is

Tim comes home late from work
Every single day
He doesn’t give a muffin
I mean, what’s Rosie gonna say ?
Rosie’s always at home
She’s waiting
While her heart is constantly breaking
She’s aching, aching
Asking herself
Is this what,
Is this what love is ?


And I don’t understand
How she stays
With the way he treats her
Night and day
If she was with me
At least she’d be happy