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Shared July 26, 2019

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Don’t know how it happened
I was doing my own thing
Till you turned me upside down
I can’t see straight now

You don’t even know my name
But when you look at me that way
I can’t stop myself
from falling for ya

Trying to hold back, feelings that I can’t ignore

Cuz when I, close my eyes, I only seem to see you more.
Running all the red lights, yeah there’s no stopping signs

I can’t help but lose all control.

Cuz With you i got no breaks
My heart begins to race
You rush around my brain
Yeah i got no restraint

Every time you look my way
take me on a getaway
Try to stop myself but boy it’s just too late
With you I got no breaks

Tried to keep it a secret
But i can’t fight the feeling
That I’m just not myself,
When you’re not around
I don’t care if Im crashing
I Just hope that you’ll that catch me.
Cause If this is love
I don’t wanna slow down

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NO BRAKES | Sophie Michelle | Official Music Video