She Doesn’t Love Me - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

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Abbey Glover

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Shared July 22, 2019

Lyrics :

Oh my baby
She’s real pretty
She makes me feel dizzy
Dizzy on her unexisting love

Oh my darling
Doesn’t have time for me
I don’t mind it
She might love me eventually

I’m like string
Wrapped around her little finger
Will ever make me leave her
When I know I’m just her little toy
She’s flying
I’m standing underneath her
When I know I’ll never catch her
Cos she doesn’t care one bit about me

Oh it’s crazy
If she was a bird and me her prey
I’d let her catch me
Catch me any day

It’s amazing
How I’m continuously chasing
Chasing after something
Something that will never be mine


I’m in love
So blindly in love
With someone
Who doesn’t and will never love me x2


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